Causes of rising crime in Tudor period


Beggars and movement to towns

  • Increased vagabonds on streets
  • Stealing and tricking people into giving them money
  • Increase in theft and fraud
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Private armies disbanded

  • Wandering soldiers on streets
  • Taking poor peoples jobs
  • Poor out of work- on streets- begging
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Value of gold decreased

  • Money not worth as much anymore
  • Poor getting poorer
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Cost of living increased

  • More people on streets
  • Increase in theft
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Rich people enclosed poor peoples common land

  • Loss of crops/food
  • Poor couldn’t graze animals
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Monasteries closed

  • Nowhere for poor to go
  • More people on streets
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Swarms of beggars/rogues/poor people

  • poor working together
  • note committing crimes
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Change to sheep farming needed fewer men

  • More people out of work
  • On streets- begging
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