Treason Definition

The betrayal of the King/Queen/Country, especially when attempting to overthrow the government.

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Treason Info

  • Still a crime today but punishments are not as harsh (no death penalty).
  • People were rebelling in the Tudor period because Henry Viii changed the law and people weren’t happy.
  • Punishments were:
  • Execution
    Hung, drawn and quartered.
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King Henry Viii strengthened laws on treason

  • Because after changing the law people weren’t happy and were rebelling against him. He strengthened the law to protect himself from being rebelled against and killed.
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Key dates/facts about rebellions

1538- Henry Viii- Pilgrimage of Grace- Cause was religion

1549- Edward Vi- Kett’s Rebellion- Cause was enclosure of land

1554- Mary I- Wyatt’s rebellion- Cause was religion

1569- Elizabeth I- Rising of the north- Cause was religion

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