Catholic Christianity: Beliefs and Values

These cards are for the Edexcel Catholic Christianity exam. In particular the Beliefs and Values chapter


The Nature of GOD

  • One God (Monotheism).
  • Shown in three ways.
  • This is the Trinity:
    • God the Father
    • God the Son
    • God the Holy Spirit
  • There is only one substance (God) but three persons (Father,Son and Holy Spirit).
  • Fatherhood, Power and Creativity=Father
  • Love=Son
  • Presence=Holy spirit
  • Catechism calls the Trinity the mystery of God
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GOD the Father

  • God the Father is the creator of everything.
  • The Father is Holy.
  • God the Father will provide food and forgiveness for those who pray and live a good life.
  • He will deliver us from evil.
  • He is all powerfull.
  • Some Christians belive that God Created the universe in 6 days:
    • Day 1:The light to separate the day from night.
    • Day 2:The sky to separate the waters.
    • Day 3: Dry land and seas, vegetation.
    • Day 4: Sun, Moon and Stars.
    • Day 5: Fish and Birds.
    • Day 6: Animals, insects and humans.
    • Day 7: God rested and declared the seventh day holy.
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GOD the Son

  • Other Christians belive God created the universe in the form of the big bang.
    • God created all matter
    • 15 billion years ago God chose to explode this matter.
    • Then forces acted on it and turned this matter in to stars and planets.
    • As a result our solar system was formed.
    • God caused chemical reactions on earth and evolution so that life including humans was created.
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GOD the Son

  • Second person of the trinity= Jesus
  • God became human as Jesus (incarnation)
    • Jesus had a human birth but not conception.
    • Therefore Jesus is both man and God.
  • Jesus was Christ.
    • Anonted by God
    • To show the nature of God
    • Set an example.
  • Jesus was crucified.
    • Removed power from sin.
    • Humans can now go to heaven.
  • Jesus rose from the dead (resurection).
    • After three days.
    • Forty days later acended in to heaven.
    • Jesus was both man and God as only God can rise from dead.
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Sin and Salvation

  • Jesus will return.
    • To judge the living and the dead.
  • Jeus is the head of the Church.
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GOD the Holy Spirit

  • Third person of the trinity=Holy Spirit.
  • Purifies from sin.
    • Symbol=fire
  • Communicates with humans.
    • Symbol=wind (the power of god)
  • Inspires Christians.
    • Inpired the bible.
  • Bringer of Peace.
    • Symbol=Dove.
    • Showed God was at peace with the world (Noah's Ark)
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  • Gifts of the HS:
    • Faith
    • Hope
    • Love
  • Special Gifts:
    • Healing
    • Speaking in tounges.
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Sin and Salvation

  • Sin=Going against God's will.
    • Separates people from God.
  • All people commit sin.
  • All are born in original sin.
  • Jesus death removed power from sins.
  • Salvation=Bringing back to God through forgiving there sins.
  • Salvation comes through the power of Jesus to forgive sins.
  • Forgiveness of Sins is brought about by:
    • Baptism.
    • Reconciliation (Confession, penance and absolution).
    • Mass.
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Christian Values

  • Two main Christian values:
    • Love of God.
    • Love of Neighbour.
  • Parable of the Good Samaritan:
    • A Jew was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho.
    • Attacked by robbers.
    • Jewish priest was no help.
    • A Levite was no help.
    • A Samaritan (sworn enemy of the Jews) helped
    • Took him to an inn and payed for his care.
    • Shows Christians that their neighbour is everyone no matter of race or religion.
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  • The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats:
  • At the end of the world Jesus will come and separate the good from the bad.
  • The good will be sent to heaven because:
    • They fed the hungry.
    • They clothed the naked.
    • They looked after the stranger.
    • They visited the sick and the prison.
  • Because they helped the lowest they helped Jesus.
  • The Evil will go to hell because they did not do this.
  • This tells Christians to love their neighbour and help those in need.
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