Christian Attitudes to Abortion

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Christian Attitudes to Abortion

'Sanctity of life' argument - the belief that life is sacred and belongs to God.


'So God created man in his own image' - Genesis 1:27

'Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit...' - 1 Corinthians 6:19

'You shall not commit murder' - Exodus 20:13

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Christians For and Against Abortion

Some Christians (Catholics, Evangelical Protestants) are against abortion because:-

  • Abortion is viewed as murder
  • Life is a sacred gift from God
  • God has a plan for every human
  • All life has value even if a child may be born disabled
  • Life begins at conception

Some other Christians are more liberal, agreeing that abortion is not good but it can be the 'lesser of two evils':-

  • Jesus taught about compassion towards others
  • We cannot be sure life begins at conception
  • In cases of **** or incest, it is the kindest action
  • Medical technology allows us to indentify problems with the foetus
  • Abortion is the best choice if the mother's life is at risk
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