Cardinal Wolsey

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Cardinal Wolsey

1470/1 - 1530 lowborn 

By 15 received a degree at Oxford

His modest beginings later prompted biting satire from his many critics.

The death of Cardinal Bainbridge at Rome in 1514 left the archbishopric of York vacant and by 5 August Wolsey had been elected

If, to the outside world he seemed to rival the King, in personal relations he was always careful to defer to Henry.

Unquestionable enthusiasm for education (colleges at Ipswitch and Cardinal College, Oxford). He argued that education consituted the best way to reform the clergy and the diversion of resouces from declining monastries to vigourous educational foundations was essential to this end. Henry and Wolsey presented themselves to Rome as vigourously anti-heretical, threby helping Wolsey to secure a renewal of his lagatine powers in the 1520s

1527- height of power

When he first heard of the Kings Great Matter, he knelt at before Henry in his privy chamber for over an hour trying to perusade him to reverse them - Cavendish

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