Government and authority (The rise of Thomas wolsey to 1515)


Government and authority 

The rise of Thomas wolsey to 1515

wolsey was an academic churchman who rose through the ranks of nobels and royal service to achieve the position of royal chaplain- Post gave him access to the King and court (However, in 1509 his position was far from central or secure)

He was invited to HvII's funeral, however, was not invited to HvIII's coroanation probably due to Margaret Beaufort's influence- After her death he secured several court positions including;

  • royal almoner
  • Registrar of the Order of the Garter
  • His real breakthrough came in June 1510 qhwn he was appointed to the counsel.
    His appointment had be recommended by his current patron Richard Fox, who recognised the younger churchman's abilities and potential to serve the crown. ( At this stage he role was low-ranking counsellor, was to keep Anti-War Fox informed about the actions of the Pro-War faction.

1512, it was clear that H was serious about his plans for war and that Surrey's pro-war faction in Counsel had won the argument.
Wolsey was ambitous for further advancement that could only be secure if he served the King- king wanted war, and glory, therefore, Wolsey must deliver the victory
He switched allegiance to support the war where his administative skills were requited to manage the organisations of the vast military and naval supplies needed to fight against FR.

Thomas wolsey before 1509

He was patron for Marquis of Dorset, who had 3 sons he tutored.
Dorest helped him embark on a career as Chaplain in various influential households, until he was appointed Chaplain to Sir Richard Nanfan, deputy of Calais.
In Calais, he became increasingly invovled in official matters and political life where his undoubted skills inpressed Nanfan who recommended Wolsey to HvII
As on of HvII's chaplain, Wolsey had access to the court where he observed court politics- extended his network of contacts, especially when he was sent to embassies in Scotland and Flanders

Wolsey's personal


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