Can religious experiences show that God probably exists?

Can religious experiences show that God probably e

Richard Swinburne Key Challenges

  • Principle of credulity

If a person see's something/someone then it is usually the case that they have seen something/someone

  • Principle of testimony

Unless you have reliable reasons to doubt what a person says they have experienced then what is said should be acceptd as true

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Challenges from science to religious experiences


  • Religion is simply wishful thinking
  • The mind creates an illusion to deal with the outside world
  • Religion is a universal obsessional neurosis which adresses fears about the world and society
  • Religion is a form of neurotic illness arising out of the unconscious mind
  • Neurosis arrise repressed memories 
  • Religion is an attempt to deal with chaotic and frightening world
  • Religion is a reaction to the hostile world
  • We feel helpless and seek a father figure in our lives and this leads to project an image of God who can provide us with security
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