Can Religious Experience Show God Exists

Can Religious Experience Show God Exists

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Can Religious Experience Show God Exists: For


  • Richard Swineburne: the degree to which it seems to a person that something has happened should translate into the probability that something has happened.
  • Real experiences that have a profound impact on a person can have completely natural sources without any divine connections.
  • William James: that all normal persons have religious experience and, since experience is the final arbiter of truth, then God  as the object of religious experiences must be accepted as factually true.


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Can Religious Experience Show God Exists: Against


  • if there is just one God, why is there such wide variety in the reports of religious experiences? Indeed, they are mutually incompatible. They can’t all be true, so at least some must be false.
  • temporal lobe epilepsy will make it seem like people are having a religious experience. of Dr Michael Persinger's experimental subjects report that an artificial magnetic field focused on those brain areas gives them a feeling like a religious experience
  • If someone says somthing has happend to them does not mean it is true, When someone says that it seems to them very strongly that an elf is in the room, we do not accept that there is probably an elf in the room
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