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Evolution of the atmosphere

Volcanic activity H2O + CO2

Earth cools H2O condenses

H2O forms the oceans

CO2 dissolves in oceans: Evolution ofphotosynthesising plantsadds oxygen and removes carbon dioxide

Sea creatures use CO2 to make shells

When they die, shells form sedimentary rock trapping CO2

CO2 also becomes trapped in fossil fuels.


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Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converters

Oxidises carbon monoxide                      Nitrogen Monoxide is reduced

      2 CO + O2 —> 2 CO2                                               2 NO —> O2 + N2


Renewable                      Uses a lot of land

Carbon neutral               Requires harvest and transport

Electric Cars

Won’t directly pollute   Still needs power stations

Less places to refill

Takes longer to fill

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Pollutants Table

Pollutant                      Formation                                        Where they go/What they do

Carbon Dioxide            Burning Fuels                                                        Water: Acid rain and Acidic sea water


Carbon Monoxide        Incomplete combustion                          TOXIC: Reduces oxygen carried by blood


Sulfur Dioxide              When fuels containing sulfur are burned               Water: Acid Rain. BREATHING


Nitrogen Oxide            N + O+ high temps in car engine=NOx=N Dio.     Water: Acid Rain. NO -> NO2


Carbon Particulates    Incomplete Combustion                                        Settles on surfaces:Dirty. BREATHING


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Visual Representation Of C1 Chemicals

                                               Carbon Dioxide

                Carbon Monoxide

   Sulfur Dioxide

                                                        Nitrogen Oxide

                Carbon Particulates

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The Impacts of Acid Rain

                                            KILLS TREES


                         AQUATIC LIFE



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Solutions to Chemical Pollution


Burn less fuel                                                    Develop efficient cars

                                 Public transport                                           Legal emission limits (MOT)


                               Remove sulfur from fuel                     


                           Catalytic converters

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Wet Scrubbing

Sulfur Dioxide is an acidic gas.

We can react it with an alkali as it passes up a chimney

          Calcium               OR          Sea

                  Oxide                          Water

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Reaction Equations

Combustion of coal                                                                          Combustion of Butane

Carbon + Oxygen --> Carbon Dioxide               Butane + Oxygen --> Carbon Dioxide + Water

    C      +    O2     -->        CO2                          C4H10 +     O2    -->          CO2          +   H2O

Combustion of Methane

Methane + Oxygen --> Carbon Dioxide + Water

CH4   +     2O2     -->             CO           +  2H2O

Incomplete Combustion of Methane

Methane + Oxygen --> Carbon Monoxide + Carbon

CH4   +         O2     -->           CO              +     C

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