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1. Sex discrmination act 1975,
Race relations Act 1976,
Disability discrimination act 1975

*businesses must not discriminate against women, ethnicity or the disabled.

2. all employees must recieve written contract of employment within one month of starting work.
Employment Rights act 1996

3. all employers must provide a discipline procedure for all employees.
- minor problems: warning
- more serious: instant dismissal
Employment Protection act of 1975

4. 1998 EU working time directive limits working week to 48 hours.

5. government sets a national minimum wage for all workers.

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Anti-discrimination laws

1970 Equal Pay Act: an employee must be paid the sme as another employee doing the same job. (men and women)

1983 Equal Pay Act: compulsory to give same pay for work of equal value.

*illegal to discriminate against employees with disability

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Health and safety legislation

1961 Factories Act: minimum requirements e.g toilets, lighting, washing facilities.

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974: required all employers/employee to take responsiblity for health and safety.

1992 workplace regulations: EU rules including safe use of computers.
Employment protection Act 1978
: protects unfair dismissal.
- only dismissed if incapable of doing job - incompetent/shown gross misconduct

- only made redundant if job no longer exists.
e.g: a drop in demand/automation. The firm cannot readvertise a redundant job

- employees unfairly dismissed appeal to industrial tribunal - award compensation/reinstate employee.

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