The scope and effects of UK and EU law related to the labour market

UK and EU law related to the labour market, otherwise known as employment legislation, aims to ensure that employees and employers act fairly in dealing with each other by defining their rights and obligations. 

Equality act 2010 

The equality act 2010 simplified the law on discrimination by bringing together existing seperate anti-discrimination legislation into a single act. The act simplified and stregnthend previous legislation and provides Britain with a discrimination law that is intended to product indivduals from unfair treatment, and advance equality of opportunity for all. The act requires equal treatment in acess to employment as well as private and public services, and makes it illegal to discriminate against someone with a 'protected characteristic' such as race, age, sex. 

Details of some of the legislation replaced and now subsumed within the Equality act 2010 are given below: 

  • Race Relations acts, 1976: this made it unlawful to discriminate in the workplace on the grounds of race
  • Equal Pay Act, 1970: this required employers to provide


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