British History 1929-1939



Events in 1918:

Representation of the people act, all women over the age of 21 and women over the age of 30 given the vote.

Events in 1928

Equal Franchise Act, all women over the age of twenty one given the vote, women now had the same voting rights as men.

Events in 1929

MAY: General election Labour in power.

Ramsay MacDonald Prime Minister

OCTOBER: Wall Street Crash

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Events in 1930

Labour Government rejects Mosely Memorandum

First film with sound 'The Jazz singer'

Events in 1931

Economic and political crisis, resignation of labour over plans to cut unemployment benefit and public sector pay in the May Report

National Government was formed, Ramsay MacDonald was Prime Minister dominated by Conservatives.

Horticultural Products Act

Abnormal importations act.

JULY: Macmillan report.

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Events in 1932

Import Duties Act, general customs duty of 10% on exports.

Mosely forms the British Union of Fascists strongly influenced by Mussolini in Italy.

Events in 1933

Means Test introduced. (Test to see if you were eligible for dole if you had an elderly pension with a pension, a lodger or savings you weren't eligible for dole.

Cheap Money Policy (low interest rates on borrowing.)

London Passanger Transport Act

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Events in 1934

The Special Areas Act (1934) areas such as South Wales & North East England given a label and money, but not enough money to create new employment opportunites.

Unemployment Act of 1934

Minister of transport: Leslie Hore-Belisha, 30mph speed limit in built up areas & introduced the zebra crossing.

Events in 1935

Stanley Baldwin becomes Prime Minister of the National Government.

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Events in 1936

Unemployment Increases.

Holidays with Pay act, first holiday camp set up in Skegness by Billy Butlin.

Abdication of King Edward.

Jarrow & South Wales Hunger Marches.

Cable Street Crash- Mosely and Fascism

Public Order Act

Growth in cinema, 1936 King Kong.


1937 Neville Chamberlain Prime Minister of National Government.

Events leading to World War 2, failure of appeasement.

1939- World War II begins.

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