Britain 1906-1914

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Political Parties 1906


Party of landowners
Middle and working classes
Lord Salisbury 1885-1901
Target voters in speeches
Benefited from social Change
Image of Patriotism and Pride

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Political Parties 1906


Non conformists
Radical working men
Agreed on certain broad policies
Low tax
Defend rights and freedom
Pressure ruiling classes 

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Political Parties 1906

Labour Party

Represent Trade Unions and Working Classes
Gropu of trade unionists and socialists organisations
Membership through affiliation
Distinct group in Parliment
Legislation to reverse previous legal decisions
Socialist Britain 

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Political Parties 1906

Irish Nationalist Party

Founded 1860's
Promised idea of Home Rule for Ireland
Support came from predomitley Catholic areas
Significant force in Brisih politics
Led by Charles Stewart Parnell
Regularly 80 MP's in Westminster
Party divided after Parnell's death
Never leader Redmond never had same control
Liberals no longer wanted to be apart of Home Rule 


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Political Parties 1906


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