Boer War background

Background in Britain at the time of the Boer War 


The Boer War background

  • Middle classes have grown considerably and lower classes are enfranchised. 
  • Factory reforms have made working conditions much better 
  • womens rights and education are now much more openly discussed 
  • In 1899 the majority of the public think that the British Empire is a force for good; 1/3 of humanity currently being ruled by the British Empire. 
  • Dutch farmers settle in South Africa (the Boers) and in 1815 British possession of Capetown is confirmed during the Napolienic war.
  • In 1840 The Voortreckers (dutch) established their own 2 free states: The Transvaal and the Orange Free State. 
  • Zulu war  takes place in 1879-80. 
  • The first Boer war took place in 1881; British defeat at Majuba Hill. The British were going to grant independence anyway but the Boers see this as a victory. 
  • Gold discovered in the Transvaal in 1886. 
  • September 1899- British Ultimatum for equality in terms of rights for Uitlanders (British immigrants in the Transvaal) Boer Ultimatum in October 1899- removal of British authority from the Transvaal or war. 
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