Blood Brothers Key Quotations


Mrs Johnstone

"Tell me it's not true" 

"He told me I was sexier than Marilyn Monroe" 

"By the time that I was 25, I looked like 42" 

"You'd never find him effin' and blindin'" 

"Living on the never never, constant as the changing weather."

"Don't tell me which one, just take him, take him"

"I'll tell someone...... I'll tell the police"

"Where nobody's heard my name"

"Does your mother look after you?"

"She cradles him, letting him cry" - stage direction

"We'll be alright out here" - on moving away

"Each day I pray he'll be ok, not like Marilyn Monroe" 

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Mrs Lyons

"We thought children would come along"

"I believe an adopted child can become one's own" 

"Already you're being threatened by the welfare"

"As I fold my arms around him, he's gone, was he ever there at all?"

"I don't want the baby to catch anything"

"You sold your baby"

"Oh my beautiful, beautiful son" - after hitting Edward

"We've had a good time this holiday though haven't we?" 

"Are you always going to follow me?"

"I curse the day I met you. You ruined me" 

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The Narrator

"And do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or could it be what we, the English, have come to know as class?" 

"As like each other as two new pins" 

"An' did y' never hear of the mother, so cruel there's a stone in place of her heart?" 

"Come and judge for yourself" 

"In the name of Jesus the thing as done"

"But a debt is a debt and must be paid"

"The Devil's got your number you know he's right behind you"

"There's gypsies in the wood and they've been watching you"

"Happy are you? Content at last" - narrator as bus conductor

"Did you really feel that you'd becom secure?" - to Mrs Lyons after the locket incident 

"You're innocent, immortal, you're just fifteen and who dare tell the lambs in spring what fate the later seasons bring. But leave them alone, let them go and play" 

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"Bright and forthcoming" - stage direction


"Don't you know what a dictionary is?" 

"You're a ****-off!" 

"He was clean, neat and tidy from Mondy to Friday" - sung by Mickey

"Talk of Oxbridge" - his teacher

"You can take a flying **** at a rolling donghnut"

"I've got plenty, I'll it's alright" 

"How can I compare thee to a summer's day?" 

"But I'm not saying a word"

"Why is a job so like a bohemian" 

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"Bored and pretulant" - stage directions 


"Gi's a sweet" 

"Are you soft?" 

"So I can be invisible" 

"He was untidy from Monday to Friday" - Eddie sings about Mickey

"Is everybody dead?" 

"Linda...I wanna kiss ya and kiss y' and even fornicate with y'" 

"She's a ******* head case" - r.e Mrs Johnstone

"He's walking around in circles, he's old before his time" 

"You're a ********" - to Eddie

"I don't want your money" 

"You make me sick" 

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"I'll tell my mother" 

"Let's throw some stones through them windows" 

"I just love you. I love you"

"Who'd tell the girl the price she'll pay for just being there?" 

"But I've irond him a shirt" 

"They're just junk"

"And what about what I need? I need you. I love you"

"There's a girl inside this woman who's waiting to get free she's washed a million dishes and she's always making tea" 

"And wonders what the price would be for letting the young girl out" 

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Minor Characters

Milkman: "Listen, love, I'm up to here with hard luck stories" 

Catalogue man: "I've got to do this girl"

Finance man: "You shouldn't sign for the bloody stuff, missus"

Policeman: "You don't wanna end up in court again, do you?" 

Teacher: "Just how the hell do you hope to get a job?"

Dole-ites: "Dry your eyes Miss Jones...Unemployment's such a pleasure... These days we call it leisure. This living on the giro"

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