Blood and the Cardiovascular System

Revision cards for the blood and the cardiovascular system test

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Explain what you would find in plasma

What you eat, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein

Plasma is made up of 92 percent water, 7 percent proteins, salts, and other substances it transports

Read more: Blood - body, water, process, life, chemical, form, animals, system, carbon, oxygen, cells, substance, part, Plasma, Red blood cells

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What are the physical properties of blood

the physical properties of blood are:1- blood's temperature is 38 degrees celcius or 100.4 degrees fareinheight. 2- blood's p.h is 7.35. 3- blood is mostly composed of water so the transport of oxygen and carbon-dioxide is relatively fast. the chemical properties of blood are:1-blood contains red blood cells and white blood cells. 2- blood mostly consists of plasma.3- blood consists of platelets.

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What would you find in the haematocrit

It is the red blood cells 40% of the blood volume is red blood cells

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Explain what you find in the buffy white layer

You find neutrophils, eosinphils and basophils

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