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What happens in your lungs???


When your breathe in oxygen it passes into your blood.The blood then carries the oxygen from your lungs to all your cells.

When your inhale this is the percentage of all the things you breathe in ...

  • your oxygen is 21%
  • carbon dioxide is 0.03%
  • nitrogen 79%
  • water vapour variable level


Your cells make carbon dioxide during respiraton. Your blood carries the carbon dioxide from your cells to the lungs .Carbon dioxide leaves your blood in the lungs and is breathed out.

When you exhale the percentage of all the things you breathe in is ...

  • Your oxygen is 16%
  • carbon dioxide is 4%
  • nitrogen 79%
  • water vapour is high level
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What happens if your lungs get damaged?

Emphysema is a disease caused by smoking and that makes the aveoli burst.Because of people with this disease have less aveoli so less oxygen can be asborbed into the blood. As a result of this less oygen goes into the blood during each breath.Becasue of this people who suffer from emphysema have to breathe faster to get the same amount of energy round them. So they are short of breath and lack in energy.

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