Birth And Postnatal Care


What Is A C Section?

It is an operation that cuts ipen the abdominal wall and uterus along the bikini like so that the baby can be removed.

After the baby is rtemoved, two clamps are put on the umbilicval cord and it cut. The placenta is then removed. The uterus and abdomen are stiched.

The mother takes up to 6 weeks to recover.

Two types of C-Section: Elective and Emergency

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Elective Caesarean

A date 2 to 3 weeks before the EDD is chosen for an elective cassarean before the labour starts naturally. A spinal anaesthetic is used allowing the mother to remain awake and hold her baby immediatly after birth.

Reasens for elective caesearean...

  • The baby is in the wrong postion
  • The mother is HIV positive
  • The placenta is blocking the entrance to the birth canal.
  • Its a mulitple birth
  • The mother has had a multiple birth.
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Emergency Caesarean

A general anaesthetic is used for an emergancy caesarean as there is a lack of time, meaning the mother will be unconsciours during delievery.

Reasons for an emergancy caesarean...

  • Severe bleeding from the uterus
  • Progress in labour has stopped.
  • Undiagonsed breech position
  • Foetal distress, shown by the baby passing meconim or having a prolonged increased/decreased heartbeat
  • Eclampsia or severe pre-eclampsia
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