Child development

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Diet of motherThe mother needs to eat healthily during pregnancy, including foods high in NSP fibre which helps to avoid constipation- a common problem. They should also eat more protein and calcium for repair, growth, and healthy milk production.
They should avoid...

  • alcohol-can cause FAS (foetal alcohol syndrome), stillbirth, a small baby/baby with a low birth weight/ baby with a small head/ facial abnormality
  • drugs-can cause low birth weight, withdrawal symptoms in he baby, an irritable baby with a high-pitched cry and mental impairment
  • smoking-nicotine and carbon dioxide increase the risk of having a premature baby,cause low birth weight, miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS (sudden instant death syndrome), physical abnormalities, learning difficulties and a damaged placenta

Foods to avoid

  • Eggs unless hard boiled, products…


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