ecosystem- a unit made of living things and their non living environments

biome-a very large ecosystem

Biosphere- where life is found

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why is the biosphere important

-its a life support system -regulating atmopshere -maintaining the soil -regulating water system

-medicine -tourisum -fruits and nuts -green lungs

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why does it rain so much in the rainforest

-rain forest such as the amazon are near the equator. This means the sun rays are very concentrated in these regions and this produces convectional rain

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what is leaching

-nurtrients are washed away making the ground infertile

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how does the biopshere regulate the soil

because dead leaves provide soil with nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium to help plants grow

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features of a eco tourist holiday-costa rica

-activities such as trekking and bird watching

-local food -small scale lodges -energy use is sustainable and little energy waste -very little impact on the environment

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