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Law of Inertia

A body continues to be at rest or at constant velocity unless acted on by an external force

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Law of Accleration

Rate of change of momentum is proportional to the size of the force in the direction of the force

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Law of Reaction

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

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Linear - move in a straight or curved line

            all parts move in the same distance, direction and speed

            e.g. Luge

Angular - moves in a circle or part of a circle about an axis of rotation

              e.g. gymnastics High Bar

General - combination of linear and angular motion

              e.g. a cyclist - upper body - linear

                                   legs - angular

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Definition - push or pull force that alters the state of motion of a body

Functions -

  • Acclerate
  • Decelerate
  • Change shape
  • Change direction
  • Cause a resting body to move

Factors -

  • where applied - accelerate/decelerate/change direction
  • size of force - Newtons 2nd law
  • direction of application 
    • direct force = linear
    • eccentric force = angular
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Stability - How difficult it is to disturb a body from a balanced position

Centre of Mass - Point at which the body is balanced in all directions

Line of Gravity - a line extending from the COM down vertically to the ground

Base of Support - total area in contact with the ground

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