Biology Unit 2 AQA GCSE

A set of biology revision cards, for unit 2.


Animal Cells

Animal cells usually have five basic parts. These parts are...

  • Plasma membrane - This is used to keep the cell together and also has control over what can diffuse in and out.
  • Cytoplasm - This is where most chemical reactions take place.
  • Nucleus - This contains genetic material and it controls the cell, but it is not the cells brain.
  • Mitochondria - This is where respiration takes place.
  • Ribosomes - Where proteins are produced.
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Plant cells

Plant cells also contain what animal cells contain but they also have...

  • A rigid cell wall - to stop the plant cell swelling up and bursting
  • Chloroplasts - Which absorbs light energy in order to produce glucose.
  • A permanent vacoule filled with cell sap.
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Specialised cells

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