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Gas and Solute exchange:

Diffusion: Particles move from high to low conc. OR dissolved particles can diffuse in and out
through a cell membrane.
Osmosis: Water moving through a partially permeable membrane from high to low conc.
Exchange surfaces are adapted to maximise effectiveness.
Leaves allow gases to…

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Veins: large lumen, thin wall, few elastic fibres, less muscle, lower pressure.

Capillaries: use diffusion to deliver food and oxygen and take CO2. One cell thick endothelium.
Blood is made up of : red and white blood cells, plasma and platelets (help blood to clot)
Red blood cells have…

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Food and Drink from Microorganisms:
Theory of Biogenesis = Theory that living things are created from other living organisms.
People used to think that things spontaneously generate.
1765 : Spallanzani ­ one sealed one open. Boiled to kill microbes. Only open one went off, showing
microbes got in…

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Biofuels are carbon neutral (CO2 produces when burning is equal to amount that went in), no
sulphur production, cheap, readily available, better fertilizer, saves fuel collection in some countries,
can act as waste disposal system. No methane released in atmosphere.

Batch Continuous
Cost Cheaper as manual Machinery
Convenience Clearing Don't…


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