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Fitness and Blood pressure

Healthy: Means not having any illness or disease

Fitness:  how well you can perform physical tasks

BLOOD PRESSURE : Healthy pressure is around 135 over 85

Systolic Pressure- Highest pressure (heart contracts)

Diastolic Pressure-Lowest pressure (heart relaxes)

High Blood Pressure: Caused By:

-TOO much Alchol and Salt ,being overweight, being under lots of stress ,not doing enough exercise

Can Cause:-Strokes,Brain Damage,kidney Damage

Low Blood Pressurecan cause:Bad Circulation >Tissues don't get oxygen needed-->dizzyness and Fainting

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IT'S NOT breathing IN and OUT...

Respiration is the process of releasing Energy from Glucose, which happens constantly in EVERY CELL. 

There are two types--> Aerobic Respiration (Using Oxygen) and Anaerobic Respiration (not using oxygen)

Aerobic Respiration :Is the most efficient way of releasing energy from Glucose:

Glucose + Oxygen --> Carbon Dioxide and Water (+energy)

C6H12O6 +6O2    -->  6CO2       + 6H2O (+energy)

Anaerobic Respiration - This creates Lactic acid which can be painful.

Glucose --> Lactic Acid (+energy)

This also builds up oxygen debt so people have to breathe heavily when they stop exercising/ get oxygen

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Eating Healthily

Balanced Diet: SIX essential nutrients

-Carbohydrates- made of simple sugars






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Well done! There very good. Can you do some on B1f - Satying in balance, as I have to create revision cards on this and am complealty stuck! They need to be done by the 1st day back of term, in April (About the 9th) Please help!  Thanks you and Well done again! :)

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