Biology - Pregnancy

Explains about each stage of pregnancy, features the baby has at those stages...


4 Weeks

Size: 3mm
Features: Spine, Eyes

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6 Weeks

Size: 10mm
Features: Spine, Nervous System, Brain, Arms, Head, Eyes

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9 Weeks

Size: 15mm
Features: Feet, Legs, Arms, Hands, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Head, Brain, Nervous System, Spine
Has a beating heart
Stomach produces digestive juices

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10 Weeks

Features: All organs formed

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12 Weeks

Size: 5cm, 14g
Features: Embyro recognizable as fully formed baby, now called a Foetus
Foetus can kick its legs, **** its thumb, do somersaults, blink, swallow

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20 Weeks (5 Months)

Senses are developing, brain is developing
Foetus is starting to compete for food with its mother

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7 Months

Baby is curled up
Size forces mother's organs to squash up and heart to get bigger to pump more blood round

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Uterus, contracts, presses on baby, helps it get out, opens up the cervix
Baby cries, breathes when it comes out

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