things in an animal cell?


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What is the Cytoplasm in a plant and animal cell?


  • A gel like substance
  • Most chemical reactions happen here
  • Contains organelles (structures that carry out specific jobs)
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Things in a plant cell?

( Mitochondria

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Difference between Animal Cell and Plant Cell?


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What are the three extra things in a plant cell, a

Cell wall:  

  • Strengthens the cell/gives support
  • Made of cellulose


  • Contain chlorophyll
  • photosynthesis occurs
  • absorbs light energy for photosynthesis

Large vacuole

  • Filled with cell sap
  • -weak solution of sugar and salts
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Role of Mitochondria in plant and animal cell?


  • Most of the reactions for respiration take place here.
  • Respiration releases energy, cells need this to work
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Role of cell membrane in plant and animal cell?

Cell membrane

  • Holds cell together 
  • Controls what goes in and out
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Structure of a bacterial cell?


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What is Chromosomal DNA in a bacterial cell?

Chromosomal DNA:

  • Controls cell's activities and replication
  • floats free in the cytoplasm (not in the nucleus)
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what are plasmids in a bacterial cell?


  • Small loops of extra DNA
  • aren't part of the chromosone
  • contain genes for things like drug resistance 

-can be passed between bacteria

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What is the role of the flagellum?


  • Long hair-like structure
  • rotates to make the bacterium move
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How do you work out magnification?

Magnicfication= Length of image/ length of specimen 

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What is the structure of DNA?


  • Double helix: two strands coiled together
  • Paired bases
  • Chemicals=bases: hold the strands together
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What are paired bases?

There are 4 different bases that pair up:

Adenine and Thymine: AT

Cytosine and Guanine: CG

The base pairs are joined by weak hydrogen bonds

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What is a gene?


  • A section of DNA 
  • Sequence of bases in a gene code for a specific potein/ carries an instruction
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Function of each part of a microscope?


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