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  • Cell Biology
    • Cells
      • cells can either be prokaryotes or eukaryotes
        • eukaryotes are animals and plants
        • Prokaryotes are much smaller and simpler e.g. bacteria
          • Cell membrane, Cell wall, Cytoplasm
            • Dont have chloroplasts or mitochondria
            • Bacterial cells dont have a 'true' nucleus, but the have a strand of DNA
      • The different part of the cells are called subcellular structures
      • Plant cell have all the bits animal does except it also has: cell wall, permanent vacuole and chloroplasts
    • Microscopy
      • Cells are studied using microscops
      • Magnification = image/ real size
    • Cells Differentiation + Specialisation
    • Chromosomes and mitosis
      • Chromosomes contain genetic information
      • Once the contents and DNA have copied, the cell is ready for mitosis
    • cells, microscopy, cell diff nd spec, chromosomes


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