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what is diabetes ?
is a condition where the your blood sugar levels is higher than normal
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what is obesity ?
means when you become extremely overweight and the excess is stored as fat
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what are the two types of diabetes?
type 1 and type 2
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what is the type 1 diabetes?
when you are born with it and usually seen in young people adults 40 years .
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Name 5 the short term effect of alcohol?
sleepiness,poor balance,poor muscle control,blurred vision,slurred speech
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name 4 long term effect of alcohol?
brain damage,heart damage,heart attack,chest infection,
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what disease are associated with smoking ?
cancer-due to smoke containing carcinogens /carbon monoxide-transport less oxygen around the body.
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what happens when u smoking when pregnancy ?
it will will have effect on the baby most likely the baby will be premature
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what is ionising radiation ?
can be used to kill cancer cells
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what is tumour?
a mass of abnormally growing calls that forms when the cells do not respond.
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what is benign tumour ?
its grows slowly,does not spread
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what is malignant tumour ?
rarely inside a membrane,spreads via lymphy or blood
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how to treat cancer?
surgery to remove cancer cells
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what cause cancer?
scientist dont know the formation of many cancer.
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some cancer are?
genetic risk factors,mutation and ionising
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why does the body need to produce new cells?
skin cells are lost,to make new cells,growth,repair of damaged tissue
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what is allele ?
different version of the same gene.
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what is chromosome ?
made up of many genes
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what is mitosis?
making new cells are genetically identical to the original.
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what is a magnification ?
it enlarge of an object by an optical instrument
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what is resolution ?
increasing the amount of detail we can see between two objects.
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what is a microscopy?
it is used to see something that are too small to be seen by the naked eye
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what is a nucleus ?
controls all the activities of the cell.
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what is cytoplasm ?
its a liquid gel in side the cell.
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what is a cell membrane ?
controls what comes in and out of the cell.
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what is mitochondria ?
energy that is released during respiration .
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what is ribosome ?
it makes protein
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what is chloroplasts ?
the green plant found in a cell.
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animal cell and plant cell have some of the same things name me two?
mitochondria,cell membrane
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what is the structure for cell?
cells,tissue,organs,organ system,organ
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what is tissue function ?
similar cell group working together
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what is an organ ?
a combination of tissue that perform a variety of function.
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what is organ system ?
a group of organs working together as a single unit.
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what is another word for muscle that means the same ?
cellular level
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what is another word for cardiovasualar system
organ system
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what is a specialised cell ?
when a newly divided cell starts to change in shape,inner.
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what is active site ?
is a substance is through to fit into an enzyme active site.
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what is activation ?
the energy needed for a chemical reaction to take place.
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what is bile ?
is a stomach acid that comes into the small intestine.
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what is emulsifies fats?
creates a large surface area for lipase to work.
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what is photosythesis?
absorb light to produce glucose.
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where is amylase made ?
salivary glands
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what is amylase use of product ?
respiration to release energy.
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what is health issues ?
it is a state of physical and mental well beings.
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what make you ill?
a communicable disease that can be caused by pathogen.
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what is non-communicable disease?
that cant be transmitted to another person.
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what is else ?
affect our health is diet and stress.
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what is lipase?
break down fat to fatty acids.
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what is pathogen ?
it is a disease causing microorganism.(bacterial,virus and fungi.
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what is a infection disease?
cause by microorganism,entering and attacking your body
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what is salmonella ?
is disease mainly in the gut causing food poisoning.
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what is gonorrhoea ?
is a sexual transmitting infection(affect pregnant woman)and an be treat with antibiotic
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what is phagocytes?
a type of white blood cell involved in the immune system.
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what does white blood cell produce ?
antitoxin which bind to toxin produce by the microbes.
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what is vaccine?
a dead or weekend form of the disease causing microoorgrasim.
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why are numbers of antibiotic resistance bacteria rising ?
mutation causing resistant
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what is penicillin ?
an antibiotic produced naturally by mould.
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what is placebo?
to check they arent just feeling better because thy think they are getting a medicine.
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what is a blind trial?
the patient doesn't know if they are taking real drug or a placebo.
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what is a double trial ?
a tril nethier the patient or doctor know if they are taking real drug or placebo.
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what is dose?
does it work?is it safe?
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what is scientific model ?
model scientific use to research when we cannot study the real thing
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what are plasmid ?
small circular bits of DNA.
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what is the function for muscle cell?
it contract and relax.
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what is the specialisation for a muscle cell?
fibre,many mitochondria
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what is the function of a sperm cell ?
the egg is fertilised.
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what is the specailsation for a sperm cell?
tall,large nucleus,may mitochondria
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what does buirent solution mean ?
a chemical testing solution for the presence of protein.
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what is an enzyme ?
a protein molecule that acts on biological catalyst and change a rate of a chemical reaction without being affected by itself.
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what can an enzyme do ?
breaks things down and build things up from up smaller to larger molecule.
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what is carbonhydrase ?
an enzyme which speed up the breakdown of carbonhydrates.
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how do bacteria reproduce ?
binary fision
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two disease linked to obesity ?
heart disease and diabetes
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what is an antibiotic?
is a drug used to treat bacterial infection.
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what is obesity ?


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