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test for Starch:

Add a few drops of iodine solution to the sample in a spotting tile

yellow-brown                          blue black

No starch is present               starch is present

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Test for protein

Add 2cm of biuret solution to 2cm of each sample

pale blue                                     lilac

no protein is present                    protein is present

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test for Lipids

Add 2cm of ethanol to 2cm of each sample. Add 2cm of distilled water.

Clear solution                         milky white suspension

fat is not present                    fat is present

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Test for Simple sugars

Test For Simple Sugars 

Add 2cm of benedicts reagent to 2cm of each sample and heat the test tube in a hot water bath.

blue solution                                      brick red precipitate

no simple sugars are present              simple sugars are present

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