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Enzymes and Digestion


  • Protease enzymes are secreted by the stomach, pancreas and small intestine and their job is to digest proteins.
  • Proteins are long chains of amino acids.
  • The word equation is:


  • Carbohydrase enzymes are secreted by the mouth, pancreas and small intestine.
  •  The carbohydrase enzyme, amylase is secreted by the mouth and found in saliva.
  •  It starts to work as soon as we begin to chew our food.  Amylase digests long, complex starch  molecules, into smaller, simpler maltose molecules
  • As maltose is a disaccharide it still needs further digestion before it can be absorbed.
  • The enzyme maltase breaks it down into glucose. 
  • The word equation is:
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Enzymes and Digestion

- Enzymes are catalysts produced by living things.

- A catalyst is a substance which increases the speed of a reaction WITHOUT being used or up changed.

- Enzymes work best at their optium pH.


  • Lipase is secreted by the pancreas and the walls of the small intestine.
  • It digests complex fat (lipid) molecules into simple , soluble fatty acid and glycerol molecules.
  • The word reaction  is:
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