Biological approach evaluation


Biological approach evaluation


- Scientific methods of investigation: approach uses a range of precise & highly controlled scientific methods, i.e scanning techniques - fMRI's, PET scans & twin studies. Approach is based on reliable data & with advances in technology, its possible to measure biological & neural processes in ways that aren't open to bias.

Real-life application: increased understanding of biochemical processes led to the development of psychoactive drugs that treat serious mental illnesses. Sufferers are able to live fairly normal lives & manage their conditions, rather than staying in a hospital; however they don't ccure the disorders & if patients stop using drugs - symptoms will reapper.  


Determinist: sees human behaviour is governed by biological factors which we have no control over. Causes implications for legal systems & wider society - offenders are seen as criminally and morally responsible for their actions - may complicate this principle if 'criminal gene' was discovered.

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