Belief about Deity


The trinity

Christians believe that there is ONE GOD who has revealed himself as three separate persons:
The father
The son
The Holy Spirit

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God the Father

  • Almighty, creator of heaven and earth
  • Strong and powerful
  • Protects those who follow him
  • In the Bible he is referred to abba
  • Way of God showing he cares for his followers, and can be trusted
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God the son

  • Gods incarnate
  • Jesus wasn't conceived naturally, but placed in Mary by the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus is completely human and completely God
  • God came to earth for three main reasons:
    1. To reveal himself - show people love and power
    2. To sacrifice himself - taking the punishment for our sins
    3. To rise from the dead - show that God has power over death.
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God the Holy Spirit

  • Gods presence in the world
  • Helps and strengthens Chrisitans
  • In the Bible called the Paraclete
  • Penetecost is the event, after Jesus death when the Holy Spirit came to Jesus' followers
  • Some believe that it makes them do miraculous things
  • Ghe fruits of the spirit - love, joy, peace, goodness
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Arguments for and against 'we cannot know what God


  • No one has seen God. People may be imagining it.
  • The Bible was written by human beings
  • God is beyond our understanding


  • Some claim they have seen God
  • The bible was inspired by God
  • God shows us what he is like through miracles
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The design argument

  • Everything that has a purpose that must be designed
  • Everyhting in nature has a purpose as well
  • The designer must be God
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The first cause argument

  • Everyhting caused by something else
  • Everyhting has a first cause
  • That is God
  • Because God is outside nature, he doesn't have a creator
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The fruits of the spirit

If a person has the Holy Spirit in the then they are:

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The gifts of the spirit

These are talents that are given to people by God.
Include the gift of healing, miraculous powers and the gift of the tongues
They may receive these gifts in an event called the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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