belief about the deity

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holy trinity

The trinity divides God into three parts, the faather, the son and the holy spirit. The father is also the creator this means that god gives life and brought people to existance. he looks after his creation by giving it sun and rain as well as being in a position of authority.

God the son is that of the central belief that god came to earth as jesus. He is both fully human and fully divine and came tio earth to save gods people.

God the holy spirit helps christians in all aspects of there lives giving them courage and help durng difficult times because he is the strength and power.

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ontological arguement

This argument was put forward by st anselm of canterbury. He dfined god as 'that than which nothing greater can be concieved' this means that if we think of god as the best thing we could ever imagine, god is better than that as he is real and so he must be. 

But how can an unkowable be defined?

can we really define something into existance?

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cosmological arguement

Everything has a cause

Every cause has an effect. this arguement is based on the effect of the universe, it must have had a cause to come into existance. since you cant keep going back there must have been a first cause.

St thomas aquinas said that God must have  been the cause of the universe and so he is a nessicary being. This means that  nothing vaused god as he has always existed and he always will.

just because you need a first cause- it doesnt have to be god.

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