Behaviorist Perspective

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Main Assumption

All behaviour is learnt and shaped by the environment

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Main Assumption

All behaviour is learnt and shaped by the environment

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Studies to relate to



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Similarities and Differences


  • both studies were carried out in highly controlled conditions (Skinner - condition in box the same for all animals, Bandura- only varible was the one manipulated eg sex of role model)
  • both investigated learned behaviour (Skinner - teaching animals a behaviour not learnt in the wild, Bandura - teaching children agression from a role model)


  • Bandura studies aggression using human participants whilst Skinner used operant conditioning to study animals
  • Banudura shaped behaviour without a reward whilst skinner shaped behaviour with a reward
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  • Development of useful applications. Changing behaviour techniques can be used in different was from therapies to advertising.
  • further emphasis on objective and scientific ways of studying behaviour. 
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  • It only allows partial explanation of human experience and does not focus on cognitive processes that are involved
  • Therapies for behaviour have a short life span as many behaviour will change back to the orginal over a short period of time
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