Principles of the psychological areas



1. Influenced by other people 

2. Influenced by environment 

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1. Schema- how we process and store information 

2. Mechanistic- the brain is like a computer with an input. Output is predictable 

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1. isolating a single Biological factor as an explanation for behaviour e.g through lab exp

2. Highly reductionist 

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1. Nature/nurture 

2. typical stages of development 

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Individual differences

1. we're all unique- combination of factors

2. concerned with how we measure it- reliability/validity

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Behaviorist perspective

1. All behaviour is leanrt. 

Tabula Rasa 

Learning theories

2. only interested in observable and measurable data 

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1. all behaviour can be explained by looking at unconscious mind

Id, ego, superego 

2. psychosexual stages and experiences when going through childhood 

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