Becoming a psychoanalyst

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Skills Required

Main skills are an interest in people, with an ability to listen carefully to and observe them. They must be patient and able to build a long term relationship with a client - but they must be able to do so without getting too involved with the clients problems. This is because otherwise detachment will become difficult.
They must also be perceptive people and able to pick up on non-verbal information.
As they work with people with emotional problems and difficulties, they must be very non judgemental.

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Qualifications and Accreditation

Before undertaking the training applicants should have a university or equivalent degree. The training that is undertook to become a psychoanalyst is approved by the International Psychoanalytic Association.
There are only two providers in the UK: the Institute of Psychoanlysis and the British Psychoanalytical Association.

To be accepted onto a training course applicants must go through more than one interview. Very often those who go through training are psychiatrists or other professionals in the mental health field,

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Training lasts four years and is part time.

The person being trained must undergo psychoanalysis themselves for four or five 50 minute sessions a week.

There are also seminars and theory lessons.

First year training focuses on general theory and Freuds views. Then later more theories are explored.

Final part of the training: Psychoanlysis of two patients whilst under supervision. These session start in the second year and the trainee sees the client for fifty minutes each day, four or five times a week. This lasts for two years. A second client is seen in the third year and this analysis lasts for one year.

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