Basic Buddhist Teachings

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Eight Fold Path

  • Right Views - To keep ourselves free of prejudice & superstition, & to see the true nature of life. 
  • Right Thoughts - To turn our minds away from violence & hatrid in the world.
  • Right Speech - To refrain from harmful talk & to use our words wisely.
  • Right Conduct - To see that our deeds can come from peace & good will. To grow every day in Buddhas teachings. 
  • Right Livelihood - To try to earn our living in such a way that we avoid bad karma.
  • Right Energy - To use our energy to promote the over-coming of ignorance & destructive desires
  • Right Mindfulness- To cherish a good mind, for all that we think do have roots in the mind. 
  • Right Meditation - To study the teachings of the Buddha & to practice them to the best of our abilities.
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The Four Noble Truths

  • Dukkha, suffering exists - The first truth is that life is suffering. Life includes pain, getting older, disease, & inevitable death. We also endure psycological suffering like lonliness, frustration, boredom, fear, embarrasment, disappointment, & anger.
  • Samudaya, there is a cause for suffering - The second truth is that suffering is caused by craving & the need to control things. It can take many forms: the desire for fame; the desire to avoid unpleasant sensations, like fear, anger or jealousy.
  • Nirodha, There is an end to suffering - The third truth is that suffering can be overcome and happiness can be attained. If we let go of our cravings & learn to take each day as it comes (one at a time), then we can become happy and free. We then have more time & energy to help others. This is called Nirvana.
  • Magga, in order to end suffering you must follow the Eight Fold Path - The fourth truth is that the Eight Fold Path leads us to the end of our suffering. 
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The Three Signs of Being

The Three Signs of Being are the ways that the Buddha used to describe life:

  • Nothing in life is perfect (dukkha) - it includes things like being bored & uncomortable & everything that is not satisfatorary. 
  • Everything in life, even things considered solid like mountains, are changing all the time. 
  • There is no soul (Anatta), instead, the Buddha taught, what does carry on to the next life, is a persons life force (Karma).The Karma can be good or bad, depending on the actions of the individual performed in their previous life. Buddhists believe that our past actions have an effect on who or what we are in our next life.


Metta - loving and kindness 

Karuna - compassion

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The Precepts

  • 1st Precept - Do not harm a living thing.
  • 2nd Precept - Do not take anything not freely given.
  • 3rd Precept - Astain from any sexual misconduct & sensual over-indulgence.
  • 4th Precept - Refrain from any untrue speech.
  • 5th Precept - Do not colud the mind with drugs & alcohol. 
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