B604: Hinduism Key Quotes

These are some of the key quotes and their source, these may come in handy for the exam; I'm doing it on the 15th May, what about you? Hope these help. I shall make one for Christianity as well.

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Attitudes towards war

  • "There is no greater good for Kshatriyas than to fight in a righteous war" (Bhag, Gita)
  • "Therefore think also of your duty and do not waver" (Bhag. Gita)
  • "If you die in battle, you will ascend to heaven" (Bhag, Gita)
  • "Non-violence is infinitely superior to violence" (M.K.Gandhi)
  • "Refrain from killing knowlingly" (Swami Maharaj)
  • "Nor should you be sorry for who you have killed" (Bhag. Gita)
  • "The warrior should not poison the tip of his arrow" (Rig. Veda)
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Attitudes towards violence

  • "Non-violence is infinitely superior to violence" (M.K.Gandhi)
  • "Ahimsa is the highest dharma" (Mahabharata)
  • "Refrain from killing knowingly" (Swami Maharaj)
  • "Therefore those who desire no to suffer, refrain from causing others pain" Tiruvalluvar)
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Attitudes towards punishment

  • "He who raises his hand or a stick shall have his hand cut off" (The Laws of Manu)
  • "An eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind" (Gandhi)
  • "Pay to the king a fine equal to the damage" (The Laws of Manu)
  • "Punishing criminals by execution is like a gardener removing weeds from his garden" (South Indian Tirukural)
  • "Suffer death for adultery" (The Laws of Manu)
  • "Indeed...these cheats and rogues are all manifestations" (One of the Vedas)
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Views on social injustice

  • "Non-violence is infinitely superior to violence" (M.K.Gandhi)
  • "Brahman is the source of all beings" (The Upanishads)
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Attitudes towards equality

  • "You are woman, you are man" (The Upanishads)
  • "Brahman is the source of all beings" (The Upanishads)
  • "To say that a single human being is untouchable is to deny God" (M.K.Gandhi)
  • "His mouth became Brahmin...and from his feet the servants were born" (Rig. Veda)
  • "I am neither child...nor am I of any caste" (Guru Nanak)
  • "It is simply a system which encourages the division of labour based on age and ability" (Lakhani)
  • "By doing the work that is proper to him...a man succeeds himself" (Bhag. Gita)
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Attitudes towards racism

  • "I hate privilege and monopolies" (M.K.Gandhi)
  • "Brahman is the source of all beings" (The Upanishads)
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Attitudes towards gender

  • "A woman must never be independent" (Manusmirti)
  • "It is a great calamity for a woman to be without protectors" (Mahabharata)
  • "In a household that reveres women the gods rejoice" (Manusmirti)
  • "You are woman, you are man" (The Upanishads)
  • "We bow again and again to the Goddess" (Devi Mahatmya- Hymn)
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Attitudes to religion

  • "Paths are many yet truth is one" (Rig.Veda)
  • "God is one yet wise men call him by many names" (Rig.Veda)
  • "All paths lead to Thee"  (Rig.Veda)
  • "God dives down in one place...as Christ...in another as Krishna" (Sri Ramakrishna)
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Views on forgiveness

  • "Forgiveness is the one supreme peace" (Mahabharata)
  • "Forgiveness is more manly than punishment"  (M.K.Gandhi)
  • "Forgiveness adorns the solider" (M.K.Gandhi)  
  • "Indeed...these cheats and rogues are all manifestations" (One of the Vedas)
  • "An unforgiving individual defiles himself with many enormities" (Mahabharata)
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Miss KHP


Very simplified version of attitudes towards different topics. Great source to use for students revising for all exam boards. 

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