Austria-Hungary's reaction to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Talks about how Austria-Hungary reacts by the assassination.

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After the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinan

  • Austria-Hungary has no proof that the Serbian government has anything to do with the assassination.
  • Austria-Hungary issues an ultimatum (on July 23rd) to Serbia to accept the ten condition or face war.
  • demands that all anit-Austrian activity in Serbia are suppressed.
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Serbia's reply to the ultimatum

  • Serbia does not want war.
  • Serbia accepts to all conditions except one: allowing delegates from Austria-Hungary to be involved in the inquiry into the assassination.
  • However, Serbia promises to hold the promise of making an inquiry.
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Serbia's past

  • Serbia's aim was to unite all Serbs (most in the Austro-Hungarian Empire) into the Greater Serbia.
  • In 1914, Serbia was recovering from the Balkan wars in 1912 & 1913 - did not want war with Austria-Hungary.
  • Serbia has no official links with the Black Hand Group.
  • Austria-Hungary has no justification for the nation's declaration of war in 1914.
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