Augustus and Conspiracies

Lepidus, Fannius Caepio and Varro Murena, Egnatius Rufus, Cinna

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Paterculus 'planned to have Augustus assassinated upon his return from Actium. Macceanus discovered the plot but didn't raise an alarm. Lepidus was executed.

Reasons? Revenge for his father who was overlooked as a member of the second Triumvirate

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Fannius Caepio and Varro Murena


Macrobius and Paterculus 'The plot was discovered, with Caepio being the main culprit. He had his salve transport him across country in a box. Both the plotters were arrested and executed in the manner that the intended to kill Augustus'

Reasons? unknown 

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Egnatuius Rufus


Paterculus 'Augustus's main political rival. arrested along with his accomplices and killed'

Reasons? Argued that he had to kill Augustus for his own Political safety (main rival)

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Seneca 'While in Gaul, news of the conspiracy leaked. Augs' wife said to forgive Cinna. He received a lecture, then was awarded with a consulship. He became a loyal friend.'

Reasons? unknown

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Why is there so little information?

  • News would have been suppressed
  • Contemporary Sources would have been influenced by Augustus
  • Later sources would not have had the information
  • Conspiracies are, by nature, secretive
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