'Attlee legacy' 1945-51.


'Attlee legacy' 1945-51.

The Attlee legacy was essentially the recovery of Britian post war. Arguably what the legacy was most known for was establishing consensus. However, there were many weaknesses to the Attlee Legacy. Such as divisions within the Labour party over the alliance with the US. This meant that the Labour party was unelectable for 13 years. Another weakness was that the seperation of the British empire occured due to its finnacial state. On the other hand it could be argued that there was financial recovery in Britain, due to the Marshall plan. Participation within NATO gave an international role to Britain allowing its regrowth. Arguably, the greatest success of the Attlee legacy was the establishment of the welfare state, and nationalisation of industry helped achieve the 5 giants (stated in the Beveridge report).

Keynesianism = economy is controlled by manipulating the demand for goods/services, government spending and lower taxes.

  • indepence to India.
  • Festival of Britain (Churchill - socialist propaganda).
  • low economic growth.

Corelli Barnett - over expenditure on welfare and nationalisation wasteful, led to economic problems. 

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