Aspect of Socialist Realism... artists, cults and architecture

Aspect of Socialist Realism

  • Paintings under Stalin's control of Russia
  • Scultpure
  • Architecture
  • Cult of Stalin
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Paintings under Stalin's control over Russia

  • Experimentsl---abstratct-----meant paintings were like photographs
  • More traditional
  • Social & political messages
  • Many glorify Lenin & Stalin
  • Under Five-Year Pkan- targets set 
  • 1930: 200 artists sent to work on collective farms to record 'heroic' work
  • 1936: Stalin tightened grip on artists
  • Purged who didn't fit Stalin's ideals


(They are Writing about us in Pravda" (Aleksei Alexandrovich Vasilev, 1951)

Happy peasants eating & enjoying themselves. Collectivisation is the way forward. 


Speech by Lenin at a Rally of Workers (1929)


Aleksandr Gerasimov: Stalin and Voroshilov at the Kremlin (1938)

won Stalin Prize 1941

Success of the people & what they have built. Recently built Kremlin. Showing emotions between Stalin and the people

  • Paintings to extend control as had his ideals
  • Pro-Stalin artists-----Glirified him
  • Propaganda---exaggerated images---Depicted economic policies
  • Promotes Stalin
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  • Propaganda---shows Stalin's work as good
  • Inspirational. What could be achieved

New Moscow Ball-Bearing Factory 

(Soviet sculptures made 10m diameter ball-bearing statue)

Dnipier Power Station 

(Sculpture created model  fo dnieper dam over 70m wide)

Commissioned Union of Soviet Architects

(Huge interviews to find best architects for sculptures)

Prague Monument---knocked down, but showed Russia's accomplishments

[sorry but coudn't find any images]

  • After Stalin, revolted against him by knocking scultpures down. 
  • Showed Russia's strength
  • Created new jobs & demonstrated Russia's wealth
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  • Tolitarians 'new heroes' so redesigned Russia---demonstrate Soviet Union's power 1935
  • Attemptto create 'a truly socialist city'
  • Followed example of five-year plan


(Moscow Metro Satation 1931-1935)

Built by volebnteers; marble, chandelieres.......

Demonstrated Russia's wealth and pleasure to travel


(Seven Sisters 1946)

Skyscrapers---the 'next generation' of skyscrapers

Must be better than other cities. If compared, should be better


(the all-union exhibition of agriculture 1st August 1939)

Northern part of Moscow

Featured identity--based pavilions for ethnic republicans-- a stage guests performed their group identities on

  • Buildings lasted
  • Inspired people to sacrifice themselves through hard labour
  • Provided ceremonial locations, broad squares, avenues and lavish decorations
  • Beautiful and elaborate capital
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Cult of Stalin

  • Lenin's pupil-----links to Cult of lenin
  • Mid 1930's due to soviet artists- jourbnalists


(Long Live the Stalinist Order of Heroes and Stakhanovites! 1936 ) Living Stalin infront of bust of dead Lenin Implies Stalin is the ghost of Lenin See full size image (   (Stalin's 70th Birthday 1950) Opportunity to identify with him and the regime 70th birthday lasted 3 days and projected his face 3 hour applauses during Stalin's speeches 1 elderly man too tired to stand, taken out and executed for being 'direspectful'

  • Stalin not fear alone
  • Cults help humanise impersonal soviet bureaucracy
  • Glamourise soviet regime
  • Emotional contact between Stalin & the people
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