AS OCR Biology Unit 1 Module 1 Cell Organelles

AS OCR Unit 1 Module 1 Cell Organelles

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- Contains nearly all of the cells genetic material

- Controls the cell's activities

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Endoplasmic Reticulum

Rough ER
- has ribosomes
- transports proteins that were made on the attached ribosomes

Smooth ER
- does not have ribosomes
- makes lipids that the cell needs

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Golgi Apparatus

- Receives proteins from the ER and modifies them

- May add sugar molecules to them

- It then packages the modified proteins into vesicles that can be transported

- Some modified proteins may go to the surface of the cell so that they can be secreted

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- The site where ATP energy (adenosine triphosphate)

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- The site of photosynthesis in plant cells

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- Contains powerful digestive enzymes

- To break down materials

- For e.g: White blood cell lysosomes help to break down invading microorganisms

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- Site of protein synthesis in the cell (where new proteins are made)

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- Take part in cell division

- Form fibres, known as spindle which move chromosomes during nuclear division

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