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Biology Revision Notes - Unit 1, Module 1

1.1) Microscopes

Magnification: the degree to which the size of an image is larger than the object itself. It is the
image size divided by the actual size of the object.

Resolution: the degree to which it is possible to distinguish between…

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Division of labour: refers to each organelle within the cell having a specific role which contributes to
the cell's survival.

The cytoskeleton: regards the network of protein fibres found within cells that gives structure and
shape to the cell, and also moves organelles around inside.

Plant Cell: Animal Cell:


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1.3) Cell Membranes

The phospholipid bilayer: is the basic structural component of plasma membranes (cell surface
membranes). It consists of two layers of phospholipid molecules. Proteins are embedded in this

Roles of membranes:
separating cell contents from the outside environment
separating cell components from cytoplasm
cell recognition and signalling…

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The fluid mosaic model: refers to the model of cell membrane structure. The lipid molecules give
fluidity and proteins in the membrane give it a mosaic (patchwork) appearance.

Membrane components and their roles:
- gives the membrane mechanical stability
- fits between fatty acid tails to help make the…


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