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Developing business plans

Definition of a business plan>> A document describing the marketing strategy, operational issues and financial implications of a business start-up.

The benefits of creating a business plan>> help entrepreneur clarify their ideas on a written document; owners know how the businesses objectives need to be met; help persude lenders to invest into the business; valuable tool in running the business; an accurate and realistic plan that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a business.

Content of a business plan>>details about the business;personal information about the managers & owners; objectives of the business: marketing plan: production plan; details of fixed assets; sales & cash-flow forecast; profit and loss account; balance sheet for the next 2-3 yrs; details of pricing and breakeven point; collateral; brief account of the long term forecast & plans of the business; Swot analysis .

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developing business plans CONTINUED

Sources of info & guidance>>

  • accountans & bank managers;
  • business link; local enterprise agencies;
  • chambers of commerce & local trade associations;
  • princes trust/PRIME depending on the entrepreneurs age;
  • individual advisors.
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