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4.2: Going to the Doctor


Ana la Asma3o Jayedan    

I     can't hear    well


Ooredoo      Ziarat tabeed Al-Ozon

I would like  vist     doctor  of Ears

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4.3 Going to the Doctor


Med Fadalek. Estaredhi huna wa emlaee hazehi alestimarah wasa


Please.         Be relaxed here and fill in     this      form             we will

call you back

natloeboekie (F) natloeboek (M) 

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4.4 Going to the Doctor


Ana la astatee3 an asma3 jayedan monzo albaariha

I can    not      that   hear    well        since   yesterday


Tamman. Da3eena nkshifu men fadelek 

Okay.       Let us      check   please

daieena (F)  

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4.1 Going to Doctor


Kayfe Alhal

How are you


Tamman / Bikhayr         - Alhamdu le Allah

Good / Well                   - Thank God

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1.1 Greeting

Sabahu Alkahair                      Good morning

Sabahu Alnoor                         Good morning

Keef Alhal?                              How are you?

Tamman / Bikhayr                    Good / Well

Al hamdula la Allah                  Thank God

As-Salaam Malaykom              Peace be with you

wa- Maylaykom Salaam           Peace be with you too

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1.2 Greeting - Name and where from

Ana Esmy Liezl                      My name is Liezl

Wa-ant?                                  And you?

Ana min Januub Afriqiia         I am from South Africa

Ayna taskun fe Oman?           Where do you live in Oman?

Ana taskun fe Muscut             I live in Muscat

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1.3 Greeting-More about the City

Kayf tabdo Almadena?              How does the town look like?

Jameela wa Baseeta                 Beautiful and Simple

Wa-maza 3an Muscut?              What about Muskat?

Jameela wa Har                         Beautiful and Hot

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1.4 Greeting - Place of Work and Job

Hasanan                                Well (let me think)

Maza ta3amal?                      What work do you do?

Ana a3mal Modeer 3am        I am a General Manager

Wa-ant?                                 And you?

Ayna ta3mal?                        Where do you work?

Ana a3mal fe-fondoek           I work in a hotel

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1.5 Greeting - Goodbye

Forsa Sa3eedah                      Nice to meet you

Ana as3ad                               Nice to meet you too

Tasharrafna                             Pleasure to meet you

Ma Salama                              Goodbye

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2.1 Shopping

Al-salaam Alaykom                            Peace be with you

wa-Alaykom al-salaam                      Peace be with you too

Kayf yomken almosa3adah?             How can I possibly help?

Oreedo Mawz                                    I would like bananas

Honaka alhagm alsajeer wa alkabeer aydon   

There is size small and big also

Men fadlak, men ayna al-mawz alsajeer?

Please, where do the small bananas come from?

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2.2 Shopping Continues

Maghaly am Mistawrad?                   Local or imported?

Hasanan, kam se3r al-kilo?              Well, how much does kilo cost?

Nesf Riayal Omany lel kilo                Half Riyal per kilo

El-se3r ghali hona!                            It is expensive here!

Al-ethnein kilo tatakalaf nesf OMR  Its 2 kilo for 1/2 OMReverywhere

Laysa honaka problem                      No here problem

Oredo arba3a kilo be wahed OMR    I'll take 4 kilo for 1 OMR

Okay                                                  Tamamm


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aSalaam Maleykom             Peace be with you

Tafadal                                 Please come in

Estaghieri huna                    Be relaxed here

Kayfa le an oesa3edoek      How can I be of help?

Shukran Gazeelan               Thank you very much

Masalaama                           Goodbye

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