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Alpha rays (or particles)

  • helium nuclei – 42 He
  • Big and heavy (slow moving)
  • Don’t penetrate into materials
  • Very ionising
  • Blocked by paper
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Beta rays (or particles)

  • high-energy electrons – -10 e
  • Quite small, move quite fast
  • Penetrate materials moderately
  • Ionise moderately
  • (for every beta particle emitted, a neutron turns into a proton in the nucleus)
  • Blocked by thin Aluminium
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Gamma rays

  • electromagnetic waves with shorter wavelength (higher frequency) than x-rays
  • Opposite to alpha
  • Penetrate materials well
  • Weakly ionising
  • When hit something do damage
  • Blocked by thick lead
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Francesco D'Alessio

Good , Needs more Detail maybe



Needs a lot more detail but thanks for the info

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