AQA AS - Biology Enzyme Inhibition - Short Notes

This is a short, one card description of Enzyme Inhibition.

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Competitive & Non-Competitive Enzyme Inhibitors

OK, so you have two types of enzyme inhibitors. competitive and non competitive. 

-   competitive inhibitors are similar in shape to the substrate molecule and therefore can fit inside the enzymes active site. this temporarily blocks it meaning no substrate molecules can get in and bind. this reduces the number of. enzyme substrate complex's. formed.  this decreases the rate of reaction or otherwise said. the amount of products formed or the amount of reactions.

-   non-competitive inhibitors are NOT similar in shape to the substrate. they therefore bind to another site on the enzyme, other then the active site. this alters the tertiary structure of the enzyme which then alters the shape of the enzymes active site. this then means that the substrate molecule cannot fit inside the active site so no more enzyme substrate complex is formed with that particular enzyme

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