AOS1 Symphony No. 40 - Mozart - 1788

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Metre, Rhythm and Tempo


4/4 simple (sounds duple) quadruple


  • Repitition of quaver, quaver crotchet
  • Continuous quavers in viola for half of 1st subject
  • Use of semiquavers in second subject


Molto allegro (very fast)

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Dynamics, Accompaniment/Instrumentation and Textur


  • Mainly sudden changes in dynamics (not terrassed!)
  • Developement starts and ends quiet with a loud middle
  • Loud transition - quite 1 st subect except for cadential section
  • Second subject starts quiet and ends loud


  • Strings
  • Orchestra - no use of trumpets or drums however
  • Woodwinds used to sustain harmonies - do get some melodies


Some polyphony, mainly homophonic

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Harmony and Tonality, Melody and Form/Structure

Harmony and Tonality

  • Modulates a lot around the cycle of 5ths
  • G minor to B flat major in 2 nd subject
  • Constant changing of keys in developement


2 subjects:

  • 1st - descending sequences
  • 2nd - descending figures - sighing


Sonata form - exposition, developement, recapitulation. 2 subjects with no introduction

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