Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

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Bacteria Can Evolve

- Bacteria can sometimes develop random mutation, which can lead to changes in their characteristics - this can lead to antibiotic-resistant strains forming as the gene for resistance becomes more commo

- The rapid reproduction of bacteria means that their evolution is also very quick

- Resistance means bacteria can survive, even in a treated host, so it lives longer and reproduces rapidly, which increases the population size of the antibiotic-resistant strain

- If the resistant strain is in a person, they won't be immune to the new strain and there is no effective treatment - infection is then spread easily between people - some drug companies can come up with new antibiotics but 'superbugs' are becoming more common - these are bacteria that are resistant to most known bacteria

- MRSA is a common superbug that often affects people in hospitals and can be fatal if it enters the bloodstream

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Resistance is Becoming More Common

- Antibiotic-resistance is getting worse due to the overuse and inappropriate use of antibiotics (prescribing for a non-serious condition or viral infections)

- Antibiotics don't cause resistance - they create a situation where naturally resistant bacteria are at an advantage so they can increase rapidly - this is why they shouldn't be taken more often than needed

- Taking the full course of antibiotics makes sure that all of the bacteria are destroyed, which means that there are none left to mutate and develop into resistant strains

- In farming, antibiotics are given to animals to prevent illness and to make them grow - resistant strain can then develop and be passed to humans - increasing concern has led to some countries restricting use

- Drug companies are now working on antibiotics that are effective against resistant strains - rate of development is slow, which measn we are unlikely to keep up with demand for new drugs as more strains develop and spead - it is a costly process

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